Venessa Blair

Venessa Blairís very first experience in sales was representing Avon cosmetics with door-to-door sales. She very quickly established a second territory winning numerous awards, all during her high school years. She learned that she loved to interact with people, to help them better themselves and their lives.

Venessa spent memorable summers on her grandparents farm in Idaho, branding cattle, riding horses, sewing - being a ranch kid. She lived in New York City for two years working in sales. She lived in Germany with her father where she learned to ski and speak German. She has led an international life traveling to Antarctica, Africa, and around the world, grateful for the experience and knowledge. She is a loving mother, true lover of life, people and animals.

A multi award winning realtor with Compass in Los Angeles California and a licensed broker in the State of Colorado with listings & sales in Aspen. Her sales are annually in the $30,000,000 + range.

It is important to note that Venessa has vast real estate relationships that extend worldwide, to include current experience with Chinese investors & real estate professionals to St. Barth, Paris, Aspen, Los Angeles,London, Miami, Dubai, China and many others, her reach is global. She works to employ cutting edge technology in her properties presentations, to include global internet reach for buyers.

Many of Venessaís sales are worthy, have received press and many close quietly without accolade. Her sales have set price per square foot records. She is tenacious, always working in her clients best interest.

Her experience includes wave uprush studies, easement issues, transfers and overlays, influence of radio wave towers, burying of electrical lines, new construction, renovation, trust properties, investment properties, homeowners associations, short sales, land, agricultural issues, mitigation and remediation issues. Her success in real estate includes a major recession. Venessa has served as an expert witness in real estate matters, too. She works with well known wealth managers, real estate attorneys, first time home buyers, landlords, and takes pride in her listing broker expertise. In essence she has almost two decades of considerable knowledge and experience. Venessa has also gained knowledge and wisdom by completing four years of UCLA extensions prestigious interior design program. She has also purchased homes, renovated & sold them in the millions of dollars. In addition she is a landlord for her own properties in Los Angeles, California & Aspen, Colorado.

Cell: 323-646-9444

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